Saturday, March 15, 2014


Deep within, I know I am hoping for what cannot be,
   something that can never be more than a dream.
   What I feel whenever you are together
   shouldn't be how it seems.

It seems that you are happy and thus I should be too
   even if those smiles are never meant for us two.
   I shouldn't feel so empty whenever you forget
   about our trips. You are with her, I bet.

I know I have no right over what I still feel,
   Things I should have said and not just left concealed.
   It is too late, too late for me to try and make it real
   I'll tuck them away, from the world completely sealed.

I promise I'd keep my silence, I'd always be around
   I'll be the one to listen without bound.
   I know it hurts but what I feel will stay
   As much as I try to will it away.


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