Tuesday, March 11, 2014

this love-hate relationship

We barely have nine more days till the end of the semester. Just nine more days and we're no longer what they call fresh meat. Nine more days and we'll say goodbye to being the bottom of the social ladder. :)
  Well, I don't know whether to classify that as a good or bad thing. I can't even imagine how demanding sophomore year could be. Friends from the upper-class relate stories of struggle with a bit of fun along the way. As they say in Health Sci, pass sophomore year and you're good to go. Hey, I look forward to my legality but there's org chem and stat! <//3 Here comes the majors too. I know that sooner or later, they'll be around the corner but am I really that equipped to face them already?

  Oh well. 

  Before I start worrying about sophomore year, I still have to pass this round of finals. Bring it on. 

 Still, allow me to procrastinate even just for a few more minutes. I need to work on the problem sets for that last long test in Chemistry but I just can't let this day pass without me writing about that consultation with Sir Popa. :)

    You see, back in high school, I was not one of those who had a hard time with Filipino. Well, except for that part where I really had to roll my R's which until now I can never do. I looked through my curriculum and there was that subject again. I thought everything would be a breeze. Well, just like everything else in college, that changed.

    Who knew Filipino could be so demanding? With all those long readings and deeper-than-the-ocean analysis, the subject grew from a gentle breeze to an intimidating hurricane. I barely survived those literary uptakes with Sir Yol during the first semester. Then, as luck would have it, we've got Sir Allan Popa for Fil 12.

    I've got my hands down to one of the most brilliant literary minds I've ever met. Sir Popa is just amazing. Don't believe me? Google him and get back to me if you ever have doubts on his credentials. One hour and a half isn't even enough for him to discuss an essay just because he has loads to say about what the essay really is about. Having him as a professor has its downside, too. He can be super demanding with your time. Girl, you've got to give Filipino a portion of your time. Just reading one of all those essays takes you at least an hour to finish! Plus, he has super high expectations that would just push you to your limits. 

   That's also the reason why I am just so happy right now. You see, we have to make this final paper regarding a certain topic related to our course plus we've also have to launch a campaign to address the issues tackled on our individual research. I've always averaged just a C on the parts of my research-- from the topics through the most basic outline. It seemed that even how much I tried, my best wasn't just enough. That was why I was having cold feet for today's consultation. I was barely prepared as I was finishing a lab report due on the same day. T^T Oh well. Better show him what I've got so far. Better like these than none at all.

    I've been sleeping late these days because of too much requirements. They've literally piled on my desk right now and it gives me a headache just thinking about how to finish them on time. With fingers crossed, I presented my proposal (well, more like, refreshed and updated him where I am now). I didn't even need to remind him which topic I was working on because he remembered! :))) He told me that I was doing okay so far and just needed to be careful with my semiotic analysis. :))

   Call me shallow but THAT WAS ALREADY A COMPLIMENT! :))))

    Okay. Now you know why I've got this love-hate relationship with Filipino. Back to work, then. Hello, we meet again, Chemistry. *sigh Sir Gross please. :'(
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