Monday, March 17, 2014


I was supposed to post this last night but then there was chem and my Lit prof told us never to write during the peak of those emotions so here goes:

Guess who's coming to this summer's camp? 


I was literally jumping and shouting out of joy and surprise. :) Who wouldn't? It was totally unexpected. We have already faced the reality that the chances of us coming were slim. There were a lot of hopeful faces from the earlier batches and compared to us, they were evidently more experienced. Add to that what Ate Annie told us after the staff training. With sad eyes, she looked and told us, "Punta pa rin kayo next week ah? I fought hard for all of you. Don't worry. Matagal pa kayo sa org na ito." We were just like, "Awwwww Ate. It's okay. It's the thought that counts. :')"

Resigned, my batch mates and I assured ourselves that there was still CSIW, the counterpart for this summer's event and was focused on the younger affiliates.  

The thought of coming was already at the back of my mind but when the clock struck 8 and Kuya Egbert posted the staff list, I found myself clicking the link as curiosity and hope took over me. 

Familiar names were in that list. There was his, too!

Redirecting and scrolling down further,

I FOUND MINE! :)))))

Along with me are four other new additions in the organization. Yep, Batch 13B represent! :)) (Hiii Clarus, J-Ann, Andre, Ben! That is if you are reading this. :) ) Although it was also sad that there were only four of us, happiness ruled over.Our batch was still supportive, though. :') I'd always love them for that. 

Change of plans then. I won't be coming home to Albay after all. Maybe after summer classes then but for now, there are finals and this camp! :))

Chem finals in an hour. ;) Ciao.

PS. Loving this shot from Ate Mariel :))

From yesterday's staff training with Kuya Esgie, Poy and Belle. :') 

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