Thursday, March 13, 2014

today, just today :)

I feel like the universe is conspiring against me.

   One moment, I'm up in the clouds, going along where the wind takes me. Then just in a simple snap, there goes the bubble. Here goes ultimately blushing and asking yourself, "Why did I ever get there in the first place?"

   It's already Thursday and I'm half panicking, half rejoicing inside. Yes, the week is nearly over. Hello, weekend! Few more days and yaaay, no more classes for at least 3 weeks!

    But hey, finals are coming up and I still have that paper waiting to be written. (Hi, Filipino. Remind me when did we ever break up.) I feel bad for missing my grandparents' visit and my little cousin's baptism tomorrow. There's this final exam for Chem Lab and I still don't know what else our professor will be quizzing us about. We didn't have the chance to reread and go through our lab reports. Ugh. How then will we know we are not making the same mistakes again? Plus, I've got to finish studying for Chem and Math ASAP. 

  Today was really all about Math. Derivatives, graphs, optimization, curve-sketching-- Thank God I got through that 1-hour-and-30-minute ordeal. I promised myself I'd wake up at 6 but hey, I woke up just on time to get ready for the test. Oh well. No more cramming extra information. I just held on to luck and the things I was able to digest last night. Oh I don't know. I don't understand how my brain suddenly stops working during Math long tests. Thank goodness that didn't happen again a while ago. I managed to answer all five items. I can't say that I'd answered them accurately Each one was crucial. Imagine, 25 points for a single item! Missing just one and making one careless mistake will severely affect your grade. Oh please. Every point counts. I cannot let this chance slip away. I just hope I can manage to bring my advisory grade up by at least a notch. What matters is that I finished the exam completely! :) Still keeping my fingers crossed, though :)

  I never learn. I've underestimated the size of my campus. Who knew I'd be seeing him again today? Well, I didn't. At first, I thought it was someone else. I was walking back to the dorm and I saw this guy, clearly disoriented, shuffling through the things in his backpack. I didn't mean to stare. I was just looking, thinking that he does seem familiar. And then he looked up. (Was it even him or is my mind playing tricks on me again?) Me? Let's say our eyes met for just a few seconds and then mine looked away. HOW CAN I NOT when I look so stressed? Why does this happen every time? It seems to me that the universe doesn't know the word "timing."

  Oh well. As much as growing up can be pretty much upsetting, challenging and embarrassing all at the same time, I am cherishing every awkward moment of it. :)

   I feel that I've already written too much drama. That's my cue for going back to chem. So much for that study break. :P

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