Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here's to my conceit! :P

"Write a 3-page essay all about yourself."

That shouldn't be that difficult, right? 

Well, this took me three days. :P How's that easy? 

Enjoy reading about me! :D 

Put me in a middle of nowhere and I’d find a way to get noticed.
            Born in a family whose roots are known for their upbeat personalities, I developed the confidence within me. Ever since I was a little girl, I had been joining every contest I could squeeze myself in.  My grandmother always insisted that we grab every opportunity to shine as we may never get one again. Keeping this in mind, my heart surged with courage and lost any uncertainty that might be holding me back. For this reason, I grew up to be an extrovert who enjoys the comfort of being with people and of being in the spotlight. Ask for volunteers and I’d be more willing to be one. Call for help and I’d be there. I am fearless enough take risks, embrace change and explore the world in a whole different perspective. However, I know that I must also keep my feet firm in the ground. I could never always be the best. Someone would always be better that I am. This is one principle I would never forget.
            I am blessed to be given such a wonderful family who nurtured me and molded me into who I am now. It is to them I owe and dedicate my achievements, simple or complex they might be. It was in their hands I learned most of what I know although I might spend much more time in school. Yes, school might have taught me knowledge but it was my family who brought me wisdom. It was they who influenced me to be academically inclined. I grew up with books and eventually I learned to love them, too. Who would never love reading when you have a family of storytellers who excellently spin dashing tales of adventure? It was inevitable that I grew to love writing, too. It has been my cup of tea ever since. I could never imagine myself without my pen and paper.
            Although I could never be as artsy as my brother is, I find art interesting. Literature captures my attention and music soothes my soul. My voice, though not as powerful as the others, have been part of church and performance choirs. On the other hand, I try but whenever I draw, I always endd up getting frustrated as the result usually never comes out the way I saw them to be. Nevertheless, I still love art and I believe the world is a dull place without such beauty.
            My life is something most people consider as normal. I come from a middle-class family who is thankfully able to make both ends meet. Studying in a prestigious university is and will always be a privilege for me. Without the scholarship, I could never find myself sitting amongst these people and discussing with them about atoms, parabolas and the like. Modesty aside, I have consistently been part of the honor roll ever since I started schooling. I am fortunate to have the trust of the people as I have also been a student leader ever since elementary. I take pride in saying that I am responsible enough to balance everything out. With all these, I never forget to thank the One above.
            Because I am used to achieving things I wanted to be in, rejections and failures come to me as heartaches and bitter tears. However, I have learned to accept that things would not always work the way I wanted them to be. There would always be tough times but I must face them with my head held high. Perhaps, next time I’d do better and I’d keep in mind that these experiences will help me be better.
            You might conclude that everything might all be well and rosy but life hasn't always been sweet to me. I have my own share of downsides, too. People tend to misunderstand me and judge me all for the wrong reasons. I would never understand how they see me and manipulate me for their own advantage. Yes, their actions have ultimately made me cry but I’ve learned to let go of the past and never hold on to any grudges against them. I’ve learned to smile and be friendly once more. I've learned to forgive and forget. It wasn’t simple. It was a painful journey to undertake but they have been a part of my past and I must learn to accept them as pieces of my history. These experiences have taught me to be more careful of the people I choose to trust. I may be wary at times but once I get to know a person better, I would be the best friend he or she could ever have.
            Upon meeting me, people say I’m bright and sunny. J They see me as a girl oozing with personality, someone they would want to be with when they are lonely or feeling down. I would not deny my happiness upon hearing such. I am glad that I am able to spread my positivity towards others. I love laughter, smiles, giggles—all those that make life worth living every day. Life, as they say, is a one-way journey and I believe we must always make the best out of it.
            I have never talked about my physical aspects in this essay. Well, I consider myself to be just okay. J I’m not the prettiest girl in the block but I know that there’s something worth noticing in me, too. J I always stand by the belief that everyone has his or her own beauty. It only takes time to figure it out. If you are persistently curious on how I look, try going over my photos but please do not let them define me. I love being in them but they only capture what is seen and never felt. J
            I could go on telling others about myself but I prefer to keep them in the dark. Besides, it is deemed best by most to get to know a person by not only reading all about him/her but by also engaging in activities that would help one see a person really is like. J Try talking with me some time. I’d always have room for some chitchat. ;) 
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