Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You deserve much better

I do hope you realize that you deserve much better.

You need not compromise for a boy who sends one word replies after you have just send him a very lengthy message asking how he has been. You need not stare at your phone blankly, waiting for it to 
ring when he is clearly out with his friends again and has forgotten his promise that he’d call. You need not settle for the way he makes your heart race when he finally remembers you after a week of  silence and get it all broken again as he mindlessly ends the conversation with just three messages in  exchange. 

Because darling, if he truly cares, he won’t only call when he’s lonely and down getting that F on his paper again. He won’t only ask for you when things are not going well. You are not just on his speed dial just because there’s no one else left to talk to. If you truly matter, you won’t be his last resort.

If you truly matter, you will be on his thoughts on 7 am when the world is just starting to wake from its slumber. He will wonder if you had a good night’s sleep. He will ask if nightmares had troubled you from enjoying your dreams. You will be the one he remembers at 2 pm when crowds hit the afternoon streets. He will ask if you remembered to eat knowing that you skip meals especially when college demands too much of your time. You will be in his 11 pm thoughts when he’s still out partying just because his friends ask him out and he couldn’t take you because you are far away. He’ll remember to call or even text just so you wouldn’t worry. After all, he knows you’ll be waiting for him but you never text him because he knows you respect his space, as he does to you.

So, darling, don’t go chasing for a boy who does not know how to show he cares. Don’t fall for words alone. Don’t believe him when he tells you he loves you but his actions show otherwise. 


you need not be an option. You need not be the second choice to the person you put first. You  deserve the kind of love you are ever willing to risk your life for.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

re: update on Ella's life


I know I've been nasty on keeping promises. I have not written anything on my poetry journal for a month now nor have I kept this blog updated. Guess you can say that my hands have been too full to actually sit down and keep track of how everything is going. Still, I can assure you. I have not (yes, not even once) regretted choosing Health Sciences as my program. It gets tougher every day with all the academic requirements piling up, slowly filling my planner and taking up way too much of the time. And yes, I bought a planner, taking another shot of reorganizing my life and making sure I stay on track.

We have been dealing more about our majors this semester and so far, I have been enjoying learning so much about the field. They have actually made me question the career path I have set myself to a very long time ago. Do I really want to be a clinician? Am I really sure of going to med school, pushing myself in the academe for another 5 (or more) years? I have been learning a lot about how the health system works especially in our country and I have seen that there are other ways in which I can reach out and make a difference. Yes, being a clinician is wonderful. That was and still is my dream job. Still, given the things I have just learned, the health system needs more than that. The country needs more people in the sidelines, pushing for health policies, ensuring good governance, allocating the suitable funds,among others. After all, health is more than what we normally think it is: curing the sick and preventing disease through the power of medicine. After four months of DS, CS and HSC 191.1, I realize that there are other things people can turn to if they really wanted to make a significant change.

Well, I still have two years (hopefully) to reach a decision. Meanwhile, I must get back to that reading I need to finish for HsC tomorrow. :)

hihi DS feels

Hi! smile emoticon
I know that there has been so much hate for the administration all over the country right now because of the recent events. However, I think that present administration should not be judged on this alone. Pia, Vince and I have attended the Metrobank Foundation Professional Chair for Public Service and Governance Lecture a while ago and had the opportunity to listen to Hon. Corazon Soliman as she shared to us some of the government's effort to address poverty. Thank you to DS, we actually understood what her presentation was all about. Her lecture was wittily entitled "Will the Poor Always Be With Us?". It is interesting to note that the government is using the entitlements approach to address development. I was happy to hear that she actually saw poverty just as Amartya Sen did: poverty as a result of the deprivation of basic capabilities rather than merely the lowness of income. Although much of the government's programs (i.e conditional cash transfers) can be criticized as unsustainable, it is quite remarkable to note that these programs actually work. By work, I mean motivating the citizens to achieve what they wish to become. Seeing that the government actually cared about them gave the beneficiaries hope for a better future. Among the government's efforts to address poverty are pushing for microenterprise development and employment facilitation. I can say that I agree with her when she said, "A strong democracy can be achieved through active citizenry and responsive government."

I actually want to write more about my feels regarding DS but goodness, I have been just too lazy to write. One thing you can actually be sure of, I am happy with my program. Despite the stress and academic disappointments, I still look forward to attending my classes (most of the time, at least). Indeed, I am so blessed to enjoy all these opportunities to learn. 
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