Thursday, August 28, 2014

expectations and surprises

I can finally breathe.

Well, somehow actually. 

I managed to survive today's second long test in Zoology and midterm exam in History. Supposedly, I only have one test today but since our professor moved our history midterms, I had no choice but to study Chinese dynasties and Japanese eras once more. Well, I didn't know we were having the long test for Zoology this week so I barely studied for it over the long weekend in which I had the much awaited date with worms, carbocations and the Mandate of Heaven. (Much for missing out the last weekend's staff training for the Summit. *tears*)

Oh well.

There is no turning back. My bags under my eyes are getting heavier each day and what else there is to do? This is the life and it would only get better (or worse) once I choose to go for med school *fingers crossed. Surprisingly, I was able to pull myself together and leave the bed just to go to class. How could I miss the test? With a few hours' worth of sleep and few last looks over the hand-written notes from the night before, I sought for the best.

I would never understand our Zoology professor. Her last exam was to die for that's why I did try to memorize everything posted on her slides albeit she never discussed most of them. Who could have ever guessed her next move?
"Class, today's examination will be open-notes! You can take a look at the notes you've taken in MY class. If you printed them out, then good for you! Just no iPads, iPhones, and the like! And did I mention, today you will also be working in groups? Okay. Good luck!"
Wow. So much for studying all night long, praying to God I won't fall asleep and miss anything from her four presentations, with slides ranging from 20 to 72. So much for going through notes all over, again and again. So much for cutting tap dance. So much for preparing so much that I actually left history on one corner saying to myself that I needed an A in this test.

What do you know? The test was mainly essay writing. Pick 4 out of the 6 questions. Explain. Argue thoroughly. Mention the marvels of the world.


As for history, my next and last period for the day, UGH again. I did not make a complete fool of myself. I actually managed to answer most of the questions. However, I must pinch myself for missing out on the details about Japan (my fault since I actually studied more for China huhuhu bad decision ever) and a few terms that are on the tip of the tongue (or the pen, to be more precise) but I couldn't manage to write down. I did go over my notes, knowing that this was how my professor gives out tests. (Thank you for the heads-up, upperclassman friends! )So much for studying the whole long weekend.

Parang pag-ibig. (It can be comparable to love.)

No matter how hard you prepare for it, no matter how many times you hear and witness it, nothing can ever compare to the real thing. It can take you aback, completely messing up with the notions you created so long ago. It can be exactly what you expected but still you would be left biting the dust as there is no way you can be prepared for the laughter and the tears. Still, it was something you would always look back to. It was something worth keeping. It was something worth the risk.

Oh well. Going back to the post lab, I promise.

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