Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here comes the long test

The long wait is over!

After two suspense-filled weeks of  anticipating this moment, I was finally reunited with my Chemistry answer sheet. Perhaps I was very excited that I went up to my professor and got the wrong paper for myself. Hopping and skipping, I went back to my seat, proudly telling those who asked that I got a 91. Well, it took me a few more seconds to realize that it wasn't my penmanship and so I checked.

Boo. The paper wasn't mine.

Quickly I returned the paper back to my professor and she, along with my block mates,  laughed at my honest mistake. Back in my seat, I found myself waiting for it. Urgh. Time seemed to slow down.  Oh, chem long test! Where art thou? :<

On and on she called out names and gave back the answer sheets but where was mine? My hands are turning cold and sweaty from the anxiety. My tummy's already a haven for butterflies. Where oh where is my paper? Why can't I have it now?

The professor then called out some other guy from the other block. He was literally jumping out from joy! I deduced he got such an excellent score. Later on, it was announced that he got the highest in the class. Only 2 mistakes out of the hundred. Such a lucky guy.

Imagine the pressure when my name was called out next. I slowly made my way to the front. My only thoughts were, "Please oh please let me pass that exam."

"Here's a better score," she said with a smile.

I took my time. This is what I saw.

Indeed, it was better by a point. :)

Thank you, dear God for those sleepless nights. They paid off. ;)

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