Thursday, March 13, 2014

chilling with acads

2:33 am.

   It's a miracle I've managed to stay awake this late. At last, the coffee worked its magic on me. I haven't gotten proper sleep these past few days. It's a wonder how I am still the better, sound version of myself.

    Math is turning me into a zombie. I don't understand how easy the lessons could be when our professor is around. Is it just the difficulty of the examples given or is it because there was just someone guiding us through the process of answering the problems? I do hope what I'm studying actually gets in my mind and pops into the long test later. I need that B+. 

    On the upside, I received my draft for the research paper already. Sir Roy told me that he actually liked my work! ;"> Just a few more revisions and I'm done with research! Writing the memoir shouldn't be that hard, right? I should do that this weekend along with my review for the finals in Math and Chemistry.

    Oh please just let me get that 3.00 QPI. 
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