Sunday, March 2, 2014


I haven't been posting too much about my app process for PSYSC lately. Guess I just have too much stuff on my plate these past few weeks. Papers on just about everything, pop quizzes, discussions from the reaction of acids and bases to Creon's tragedy, lab reports-- ugh. Name it. I won't make this blog an outlet for rants and hate posts though. That would be too depressing to read even for myself. 

   Anyway, today was my first facilitating experience as an applicant! :) We're almost there. Few more steps and we'll be part of the org once and for all! *insert evil laugh here haha kidding* I haven't taken the final exam yet and boy, I don't know what to expect for the final interview. Apps' Night is already on Monday!(which is basically tomorrow since the clock has already struck 12 hihihi) Well, I just hope I'd be in the right state at those times. Been in an emotional roller coaster ride because of acads. Oh well. Good luck to me.

   Going back, we've just had BASIC today (by today, I meant yesterday. Gosh. I have no sense of time.) I wasn't going to volunteer in the first place since we had to practice for our batch performances. Yes, performances. Magis at its finest! ;P However, there was that feeling tugging me to sign up. *high school feels all over again!* What could I do? I just wanted to be there. :) After debating with myself for the longest time ever, I just sent in the form. Oh well. I'll find ways to catch up with the practices. Sorry, 13B. Love you still. :)

   So there. I woke up when the hallways were still so dark I had to remind myself that it was already morning and no, there wouldn't be anyone or anything waiting for me in that corner, bidding its time to scare me away.Still, I was rushing to the rendezvous. See? I have no sense of time. 

    I was in a hurry as it was almost 7 and I was still on the jeep. Then, I remembered. The overpass. Oh gods. No way I'm passing that way again. If ever I'd be given the chance to find a detour, I would! Guess you can conclude how I felt. I was way up the ground and no, I wasn't feeling secure. Gosh. Those railings are really unreliable. You can even feel the overpass shake from the traffic below. Nope. Not ever doing that again. 

   Apparently, I've been hurrying for no reason. Arrived there at 7 (or some 5-10 minutes past that) and just saw Ate Joanna alone. Yep. So much for the rush. Oh well. Better early than never! :P

   It took almost an hour and a half before we finally left for the venue. And boy, I was so wrong. The place was amazing. Going to a school like that was bliss. Well, technically speaking. It was small compared to my high school but I swear, theirs is equally awesome. I don't know about the curriculum but the place impressed me. Wow. Just wow.

   Although there was just a small number of participants, I had fun! :) Just a way to sum it all up because I'm just too lazy to type more about the event itself. ;) Talked and bonded with some of the NECATs around plus four of my co-apps who coincidentally were all boys. It wasn't that hard being the only rose among the thorns. :) And guess who the speakers were?

KUYA GINO and KUYA JOBI! What a lucky encounter! :) Before, they were my facilitators. Now, they were the ones speaking in front! What made it even more awesome is that they were there together. Isn't it amazing? :))

   Had tons of great food that day as well. I'll catch up with my prep for that PE exam the day after. :P

   More "groupies" from that day below! :P 

   Wooh. UUBE later! Must finish this post lab if I really wanted to go. Push! #leggo :))

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