Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback to Freshman Year!

What's another new thing here in this university? We have VALENTINES in AUGUST! Since it's Thursday, let's throwback to my freshman year in high school. Taking a trip down the memory lane last night while refreshing my mind for chemistry, I found this! This was a poem I received on Valentines five years ago. :) 

You and Me... Maybe? Possibly? Can We?

At days that I am lonely

I can hear your voice saying Hi.
But when I see you with another guy
I can feel you saying goodbye.

Whenever you’re not around 
I always look at the picture 
when we were together.
I thought that there is no true love forever,
that’s why I won’t say never.

When the world may bring you down to tears.
That is the one I really fear.
Myself crying for your happiness but only for you.
I have many things to tell you.
They’re hard to explain.

You and me can possibly be.
As you can see your reflection in a mirror.
Your heart is the reflection of yourself.
If it breaks, I’ll lose you.

Just for you a lonely stranger.
Spending his life in the meadows
With only his friend as his shadow.
This is me the one you talk to everyday.

You think of me as a weird guy 
with no reason in life.
I see myself as a book with many stories 
that are ruined by some.
But they’re not enough for you.

Love is never meant to be written on paper 
for it will just fade away.
Words can be deceiving in many ways.

If today is my last day.
I’ll forget what you said yesterday.
I’ll give up everything just to spend time with you.
All of these are true if it is really you.

Reading this today made me smile. Thank you for this memory. You know who you are. :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here comes the long test

The long wait is over!

After two suspense-filled weeks of  anticipating this moment, I was finally reunited with my Chemistry answer sheet. Perhaps I was very excited that I went up to my professor and got the wrong paper for myself. Hopping and skipping, I went back to my seat, proudly telling those who asked that I got a 91. Well, it took me a few more seconds to realize that it wasn't my penmanship and so I checked.

Boo. The paper wasn't mine.

Quickly I returned the paper back to my professor and she, along with my block mates,  laughed at my honest mistake. Back in my seat, I found myself waiting for it. Urgh. Time seemed to slow down.  Oh, chem long test! Where art thou? :<

On and on she called out names and gave back the answer sheets but where was mine? My hands are turning cold and sweaty from the anxiety. My tummy's already a haven for butterflies. Where oh where is my paper? Why can't I have it now?

The professor then called out some other guy from the other block. He was literally jumping out from joy! I deduced he got such an excellent score. Later on, it was announced that he got the highest in the class. Only 2 mistakes out of the hundred. Such a lucky guy.

Imagine the pressure when my name was called out next. I slowly made my way to the front. My only thoughts were, "Please oh please let me pass that exam."

"Here's a better score," she said with a smile.

I took my time. This is what I saw.

Indeed, it was better by a point. :)

Thank you, dear God for those sleepless nights. They paid off. ;)

Friday, August 2, 2013

How my Friday went like

    6:00 am

     My alarm clocks bids me to take a trip back to reality. No more dreams. No more made-up worlds. No more fantasy. It's Friday anyway, my last battle for the week. My bed doesn't loosen its hold on me but I fought back. It was a struggle. Staying up late to study hyperbolas and all those other conic sections, my mind longed for rest. Still, it wasn't the right time for that. No more chances of sleeping in. Every moment spared must be spent hitting the books, not the sack. Such a bitter choice but deemed necessary by students like me.

     Sure, I was dragging my feet to the shower, quickly bathing and dressing up for school. Grabbed a quick meal so I won't find myself faint in class. Breakfast, anyway, is the most important meal of the day. I had three classes for today. English. Literature. Math. The first two I can manage but the last one's always causing me migraine. Thank the heavens I don't have chemistry. I'd be mad if those two end up together on the same day.

     English was a breeze today. Our professor spent his hour talking about places, people and some of his experiences altogether. Manila was in the spotlight today. He rambled on the image of Manila if it could morphed itself as a person. This city would probably be that charming guy always with a hint of grime on his face. Never had trouble with the quiz for Literature. Boy it does pay to choose watching the movie in class than slacking it off for some troubled sleep. For that perfect choice, I was rewarded with an A in that quiz. :D

     Oh, if only my luck had gotten me past for the day. Never imagined it would end up me committing another shameless mistake on my Math quiz. :((((( All my efforts were put into waste. I felt like crumbling down in the dust. Sure, some of you might say it was no big deal. I could easily make up for it the next quiz. However, for me, even that single quiz could change the way things work out to be. That one shot might mean so much in the end. That could either make or break you. That's why I am so frustrated. It's disappointing to note that I didn't make it again this time. :((

    After the class, I sent my parents a message about the unfortunate quiz. I told them how sad it is not making it to the cut once more. I guess my best still wasn't good enough. :( Not a few minutes after, my phone beeped to the arrival of my dad's message. "It's okay. :) We know you can still do it. Make up for it next time. Stay positive."

     My dad still believes in me. That's enough reason to move forward. :)

PS. Midterms on Literature and Long Test in Math next week. Wish me luck. :) I badly need it right now.
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