Sunday, January 26, 2014

wet and wild

Now, I understand why dormers have the reputation of being a "wild child". 
  That's because they throw one of the most epic parties ever. :)))))) 

  I've been hearing a lot of stuff about ARSAfest since June. Everyone seems to know about it and once you dig further, they'll end up talking about their awesome experiences at the party. That's why somehow, I had high hopes for this event. Ever since the core team released the promos, the thought never left my mind. I immediately jotted it down in my planner to make sure I never miss it.
Say you are part of ARSA (Ateneo Resident Students Association) and people will immediately think you're a social butterfly. Well, everyone's entitled to their own thoughts. ;)
photo credits to Clara Cayosa

   ARSAFest is not just any party. It is a way of celebrating the diversity of the dorm community. It's considered as one of the best parties in the Ateneo. Every student has it on his and her bucketlist! :) It's also an avenue for budding student entrepreneurs to showcase their brainchild. Music, good food, drinks-- name it. ARSAfest has them all. Also, the Core Team gets all those big names for sponsors! This year, SM Youth's one of the major sponsors of the event. Isn't that amazing? Whoa. Just whoa.

It's SM Youth Bus! Perfect for impromptu photo sessions with friends!
Missed the chance of having a photo taken here T.T

photo credits to the official ARSAfest Facebook page
    Time couldn't run anymore faster. My roommmates and I were so hyped with this event that we were talking about it since Monday. We have already planned on what to wear (just stuff we don't bother getting paint on it) and debated on whether we should use the shirt allotted for the event since it was really so pretty! But, how else do you get into the spirit of the party? Well, the shirt was designed for that reason so why not? I wanted to cut the shirt into something more stylish but I was too scared to ruin to take that jump. Decided to wear it the usual way then paired it with shorts and sneakers. Oh well. I wasn't that much of a fashion blogger type, anyway. Haha.

    Crowds of students flocked in the Cervini parking area for a night full of dancing and singing with the blaring mixes of such talented DJs across the metro. That was an understatement. It was really cramped with dormers plus the typical partygoers from different campuses. 

It was one hell of a night! Can you imagine? I was there!
 So much for the introverted side of me. :P 
photo credits to Rachel OƱate

ARSA really made efforts to bring Sinulog to the Ateneo. The party seemed like an echo of the usual festivals on the streets! People were literally making themselves colorful and wet, splatting paint and water upon each other. The dirtier your shirt is, the more fun the experience gets! Drinks were served, too. (Don't worry, Mom, if you are reading this. I never touched anything alcoholic. :D) That's why you could expect people to be pretty much strutting their wild side, hitting the floor like there's no more tomorrow. 

     The party lasted until 2 am but I left two hours earlier so that I could have enough rest for the next day's immersion. I was a mess, an artwork of friends even strangers randomly spattering paint on me. My shoes looked like they weathered another battle. My shirt was full of stains. My hair? Don't even start on it. I was dirty but that didn't matter. I took part in one of the best parties ever known to an Atenista and the mess was all worth the fun! :)

Hello, shoes. It has been an adventure journeying with you. 

Went back to the room earlier. Gawd this is what I looked like? Haha!
It used to be such a crisp, white shirt. 

    My only regret?

    Needing a shower after the party. Cold water on such a chilly evening? Tell me about it. 

PS: Waiting for the official photos! :) Left my iPad for safety and convenience purposes so I really don't have any photos during the party itself. ;)

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