Saturday, February 1, 2014

a day with the apps + Pia

I know I should be writing that paper on fairy tales but as usual, I find myself logging in Facebook and dropping by this blog. Well, it has been a routine. Way to keep that "to write more" resolution going! :)

   My roommate and I have that knack for remembering holidays simply because they are supposed to be chill-out days! :) We've been looking forward to this since it stretches up to four days. Yes, here comes the much-awaited four-day break from hearing the school bell, from yawning even to the point of falling asleep in class, from the stressful surprise quizzes on matters you never fully grasped. (Who am I to complain? Should have read more about derivatives. Ugh. Hopefully, I did better this time.) This, however, doesn't change the fact that there are deadlines that need to be met, papers to be written, research done and long exams to study for. (I cry because of Math T.T Can someone answer the test for me even just once and at least pull my marks one letter grade higher?) 

    Still, instead of sleeping in like what I do during weekends, I woke up at around six, did the usual morning routine and then off went to UP again! Sleeping quite late the night before, I wondered if I had the energy to go through one whole day, having back-to-back immersions for the Affiliations and Marketing Committee.

    Turns out I had lots to spare. :P

Rogie's camera shy DAW hahaha

    It has been amazing! This is exactly where my extroversion kicks in. It was fun meeting co-applicants and members of the org and at the same time, learning that there's more to what I signed up for. It takes dedication and so much spirit to keep that fire burning. Not that I am complaining, though. You know (well, my high school friends do, actually) how much attached I am to PSYSC. :') (Please oh please let me pass that formal interview. I know it would probably still be a month away. Yes, I jotted that down in my planner already. Still, there's that uneasiness of facing a panel. Jitters!)

     Well, learning about the two committees had me thinking about which one I could completely pour myself into. I find Affil really interesting. Mailing letters, promoting the org to different schools, coordinating with teachers-- those seemed to be my kind of thing. I don't seem to have the Marketing vibe. Can't even convince someone to have lunch with me, how about asking them to sponsor for a national event? Yes, the job is challenging and that's what brings the fun. It "pushes you to your limits" just like what Kuya Jazer experienced. I like how the Internals take care of the RCs. Maybe I could hop in to that, too. Externals doesn't seem to be so bad but what really crosses my mind is the Publicity Committee. Writing has always, always been my first love. (Okay, I know I tend to associate a lot of things as my "first love" but you know what I mean) What if Publicity is where I could contribute more to the organization?

    Oh well.

    More things happened today! Here goes the list:
  • Some NECATs have seen this blog and they know I am writing about the immersions. That means I have to be more careful on what to post. Haha kidding! :) But really, thank you Kuya Mel and Kuya RM for your time. (Yes Kuya Mel! Minention na kita. :P)
  • Rogie treated us with some ice cream! :D He supposedly offered only Mia BUT since I heard, he had no other choice but to treat me as well! Then, I called Marianne (is this how she spells her name?), too! If you are reading this, thank you again, Gie!  
Yes, we just had to document it, okay? :P
  • No more keeping my NECAT crush a secret. That was fast. Thanks to the attendance sheet, Kuya Mel! :P Yes, to Kuya Raf, too. Why did I have to answer that part honestly?
  • Clingy-ness! :) From buddy plans and homework to dinner with some members of the organization (yes, Kuya Raf was there and he'll always be! ;) ), there's that sense of fitting in. Almost. :)

Enough said. :)
  • Meeting Pia on the way home and ending up crashing at her room. Thanks Pia Isabella for the pomelos, tarts and sour tapes! YOU THE BEST! :D

I won't go hungry when Pia is around. :P
That pretty much sums up Friday. :)

Depends on how you see it, Mia :P 

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