Tuesday, August 5, 2014


  1. I don't think there is such a thing as forever. Everything has its limits. Human as we are, there will come a point where the kilig, the mindless daydreaming, and the constant catching up end. Feelings are never constant. They are changing each time, in forms and depth. Still, loving is a choice. Forever is a choice. When the feelings wane, what makes you stay? 
  2. In a relationship, one always loves while the other loves more. That's why it hurts. You open yourself to the possibility wherein you are the one that occupies the lower part of the seesaw. It might never be equal but still you took a chance. In the end, what matters is what was shared, not what was only given and received.
  3. Love can hurt. It can be painful as you become more vulnerable when you give a part of yourself to somebody else. It is a risk that everyone who loves is willing to take. Still, it isn't the whole reality of love that hurts. It is the outright "No, after gathering the courage to confess, the break-up over a single phone call (or worse, a text message), the relentless hoping that a friendship might bloom to something more, the sight of that special someone in the arms of somebody else, the truth that you were just played along, the bitter loss of communication. It's all that. That's what hurts and honestly, that wasn't love. They were only parts of it but that was never love alone.
  4. It takes time. There is no need to rush. It will come and when it does, it will knock on your doorstep.
  5. When it does, take time to listen. It doesn't always come with a bang. Sometimes, it can only be as faint as the drizzle. That's why it's easy to miss it.
  6. One can never love unless one can love himself first. After all, how can you give something that wasn't yours before?
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