Friday, August 8, 2014

doors and hearts

  Today was quite one of the ordinary. I slept with Org Chem in mind and woke up to find it greeting me from my bedside table. The day was filled with submission of papers and problem sets (which was later moved to Monday much to the dismay of my tired hands and drowsy eyes). Nevertheless, it's Friday and one could never frown upon its much-awaited arrival.

  Tired but happy from a day full of acads and org work, I got back in the safe haven of the dormitory, only to found out I was the first one to arrive. The door was locked and thank the heavens, the key was still with me. (You see, unfortunately, I have recently acquired that unfortunate habit of losing most of the important stuff.) Soon, one by one, my roommates started to arrive and the room was filled of the usual chitchat on classes, crushes, and those other moments one couldn't just keep to herself. 

  It might be a simple and usual scenario especially among dormers. Still, it took me a while to realize how doors are somehow similar to our hearts. Just like the one to my room as I mentioned a while ago, it can be opened with the help of the perfect key or it can remain closed, refusing to let anyone in. Sometimes, it only takes a gentle hand to coax it out. Other times, it can stay firm on its decision on never admitting anyone. Some might be painted in all those dashing colors of pastel pink, blue or yellow, as if trying to call the attention upon itself. Then, there are others which prefer the solitude, only acknowledging a presence once it tries to knock on the surface. Still, some can be easily opened while others need some time before finally taking the chance to let someone in.

  Doors are like hearts. In the end, you have the key. You have the option of taking and turning that knob. In the end, you have the choice of letting someone enter and make a difference in your life. 

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