Monday, August 11, 2014

"Hindi sapat ang feelings"

It's another Monday for me and thank the heavens I got through it with a smile! :) My Mondays usually start at 12:30 but then, we had this social analysis discourse for NSTP so I had no choice but to leave the warm comfort of the bed. Oh well. It turned out to be a very disturbing and inspiring activity so it was not much of a big deal. (But this post isn't about NSTP nor about my area. I shall talk more about that soon but not now. Not in this post :) )

Since there was no point of heading back under the covers once more (the SAD (that's the acronym I made to pertain for the activity :P) ended at around 10 am and the sun was really out and about. I couldn't possibly regain the desire for sleep.), I decided to stay at the SEC C Foyer. You see, my cousin has headed this fund-raising project for the benefit of the kids in GK Cox. The project aims to raise sufficient amount of money to buy the kids books and other school supplies that would help supplement their education. Just in case you are an Atenean, feel free to drop by YFC-A's A+ Gallery and pledge any amount for the kids! :) 

Anyway, I promised my cousin I'd be supporting his project so it turned out I was spending most of my breaks in the foyer. Not that it was a chore. In fact, it was actually really fun and interesting especially when my Tatay (that's Kuya Ken Lee!) and Ate KD start talking about all these profound thoughts on love and their experiences regarding about such matters. :)

It was actually during one of my afternoon breaks when the conversation really started to get on the serious side. (Well, we were merely making up all these sawi stuff before and they were really just meant for fun) You see, Kuya Ken is in some kind of dilemma. Yes, it is some sort of romantic dilemma and he was asking for my cousin and my cousin's best friend for advice. It might seem weird why I know about this but you see, Kuya Ken asked me to listen throughout their conversation. I actually just sat there and listened. (I was actually live tweeting this a while ago and boom! A light bulb appeared right beside my right side brain! Yaay for another attempt on writing!) 

So basically, Kuya Ken said, 

 Natatakot ako. Alam kong feelings lang ang nagpapatakbo sa amin as of the moment. Paano na kung mawala ang feelings?

In which Kuya Abe replied with,

Sa pag-ibig, hindi sapat ang feelings. Commitment, pare. At isang choice yun! Yun ang nagpapatakbo sa relasyon. Kung wala yun, e di GG, pare. Pag nawala ang lahat, lahat ng feelings, yun, pare. Yun yung masakit. 
In a relationship, feelings matter. Feelings take you on that roller coaster ride of kilig and blush-worthy moments. However, feelings can only take you that far. I have to side with Kuya Abe and yes, it is commitment that pushes you to take it on another level. It is what would keep you grounded when everything is in complete disarray and you no longer know where to start over. It is this thread that would help you trace what was lost from an round of raised voices just because of those little disappointments. It is what makes you stay after the long, rough, and bumpy roads. Most of all, it is what shall keep you going.
However, commitment is a choice. No one can ever make that leap for another even if that one is the one that holds your heart. She must be the one to take the risk, to say "Yes," and to face the fact that she has become vulnerable to pain. After all, I quote my cousin in this matter, "How shall you love when you don't open yourself to pain?"


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