Thursday, November 20, 2014

acads + org = no time for anything else

I've been putting off writing. It's not that I don't want to but then there's just my CORE work, begging me to finish it before the event proper.

 Would you believe that we only have 27 days before CSIW? :)))



Basically, my time has just been divided to almost just two categories: ACADS and ORG WORK. If there wasn't any homework due the next day, then good! More time for Sessions! :) I honestly don't know if I'm ready to face 819 kids (+ parents + teachers) . Believe it or not, I still get the jitters. I might have been under the spotlight for most of my life but that doesn't mean I don't get nervous.

I worry about the little things like..
  • completing forgetting the steps to the dance I've practiced over and over again (this happens)
  • dead air ----- WHAT DO I DO NOW?
  • the kids won't like me ---- gawd that is possible
  • I'll be like Ariel when she traded her fins for a pair of legs--- oh let me SURVIVE CSIW WITHOUT LOSING MY VOICE
Gosh. 27 more days and it's showtime! G! 

*If you think I've been babbling about little chickens, that's okay. Really though, CSIW = Children's Science Interactive Workshop--- one of the big national events PSYSC has been organizing for years.  CORE= I'm part of the organizing team :) Check more about the org and its events here!

Well, rundown of what kept me on my toes for the past few days

Class has started but that didn't keep us from seeing all those movies! My wallet's got thinner though huhu. Still, they were worth it! 

Bea: "Ay nako, pag kasama si Ella, laging may photo shoot." :P
  •  I know I had acads and all but I couldn't help it. I am a stage sister after all. Wouldn't miss seeing my brother perform! Good job, 14A!
  • Spontaneous gala and random dinners! My lakwatsera self cannot handle staying indoors for a looooong time.
"unplanned" dinner out! (because tricia has her car hihi)
  • Office worknight and staff training for CSIW! Well,it has been x months since I've gone back to the National Office. Maybe a new environment would be good for productivity. :)

I would love to add photos not featuring me but then I would have exposed the workshops by then! (So NO. You'd have to keep up with pictures OF me and my friends who surprisingly still accept me despite this fact haha)
  • Been writing poetry again! :)))) Suppose the med life isn't for me, maybe words would be the answers to my dreams haha

I guess that's it. :) Back to work then!

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