Tuesday, January 14, 2014

making a difference

It's another Tuesday but it's unlike every other Tuesday, too! 

      Filipino was a great deal to digest and work on nowadays. Sir Popa really expects a lot from us. I could just tell. We had our first group presentation and boy, I thought it was already good. However, in his eyes, there were more areas we should learn and improve on. More pressure on the next team which is unfortunately us. Just so I thought this week could be easier. Oh well. This is college.

       Surprisingly, I managed to keep my spirits up until now. A miracle since it's already late in the afternoon plus I pulled off  necessary all-nighter for today's long test in Calculus. I guess it paid off. Unlike the first one, this wasn't so much of a surprise. Maybe because we already had a gist of how Ms. Domingo hands out her items. As always, it was better to expect the worst. Managed to answered all in a matter of an hour and a quarter. Had ample time to go over the test, too. I was familiar with most of them because I made the decision to go over the exercises in the book. It was a good thing I felt like being productive last night. Just please oh please let not the spirit of carelessness be within me at that hour. I have always been a fool for such shameless mistakes. Let it not happen again. *sigh

      It was really one of those days where I had to rush to classes, rack my brains for some useful thoughts and end up draining my energy pushing my limits. However, our Innovation group had an appointment with Dr. Wong and it has been one of the few things I've been looking forward to by the start of the week. 

      Remember the time we joined a competition where in we had to look for ways to reduce and reuse food waste? Well, we almost made it. However, even though we didn't make the final cut, Dr. Wong was still impressed on how we came up with such a proposal, thinking we are still freshmen. (Naks naman, Doc. You flatter us too much. hahaha!) He asked us if we were still interested in doing the project but with a different approach. As expected, we said yes.

      That simple response proved to be much greater. He suggested that we could be middle men, connecting food companies which generate a lot of  still edible waste in a daily basis and the organizations which need resources for their feeding programs. At first, it seemed quite easy but thinking about it for a while makes you realize that it wouldn't be a breeze. Still, we chose to stand up for the challenge. Along with our mentor, our group discussed the possibilities of convincing some fast food chains to take part in this mission of promoting health. With their help, it is possible to win the fight against malnutrition in the chosen beneficiaries. See? It makes all the difference!

      Dr. Wong seemed to like this thought and he has given us a week to finish the proposal. Excited for this project! Seems like someone's testing the waters. Hmmm. :)
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