Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturdays: Immersion #2

Talk about priorities.

   There's that sudden feeling of guilt when you know you're supposed to be studying for the next week's long test in Chemistry and doing your research papers in English and Filipino but here you are, typing another blog post relating what happened during your weekend. Good job, Ella. That's a way to go.

   Well, I have my reasons. One, I can no longer write any decent thoughts. Two, I've been spending waaaaaay too much time with my English research paper that maybe I'll be blurting random facts about fairy tales any more soon. Three, Filipino is taking its toll on me. Seriously. 

   Anyway, I just needed some time off my papers. As my professor said, thinking about your paper too much would do you no good. Your mind needs some rest from the strenuous mental exercises it has to go through. 

   Okay. I've strayed far too much from this update's whole point. Before, my weekends are usually spent on sleep and more acads. Now, I've got org stuff to look forward to! As I have mentioned before, I applied in one of the organizations I fell in love with way back high school. Because of the application process, I've been going to UP for the different immersions. That is to expose the applicants to different committees and try to help them decide on which one's the best fit for each one's capabilities. ;)

   Last week, we had the immersion for the Internals Committee and that was in the afternoon. This time, we had one for the Externals and in order to give way for other who have afternoon classes, it was scheduled in the morning. Imagine the effort of waking up at 6:30 am after a late-night party. I thought I wasn't able to make it. Never heard my alarm and as a result, I ended up waking up 10 minutes past 7 which meant I had less than half an hour before our scheduled meet-up.

Every Saturday is spent at UP with this girl over here! ;)
   Well, being a dormer means you get to perfect the art of rushing in the morning. Left the dorm with ample time left for commuting. I am proud to say that I perfected travelling from my place to Mia's place! Yey! Few more trips and I'd somehow get the gist of our neighboring campus. ;)

   I donned some pair of jeans, a pullover plus my favorite pair of espadrilles. Unluckily for me, we were racing for that morning. Now, how was I about to run when I wasn't really dressed for such activity? Oh well. Goodbye, espadrilles! Haha but no joke, my espadrilles suffered from running around the campus. Yes,  on the upside, there were only six stations. On the other hand, those stations were really too far from each other. Add the fact that we have to run every single time. My body wasn't really prepped up for such activity. You know what happened next. 
   But hey, it was such a fun day out! :) Spent most of my energy meeting familiar faces plus some new ones. Caught up with Kuya Warren and Kuya Clyde, our facilitators during last year's Summit held in our school last year. Few of them know my brother, too. Hmmm. I wonder what impression Patrick has left them. :P Missed Kuya Raf  for this week. We might see them again soon. :) 

Kuya Clyde! :D
People have been teasing me with this guy over here. I can't help but laugh, really. 
With another Atenista! Haha hi Rogie :P
I feel the happy vibes this organization is giving me. Just hoping I'd pass the application process and I'm in! :))
PSYSC NECAT 13B-- just a small part of the batch, actually. Others were still
finishing the race while some weren't around just yet. We're a huge batch, aren't we? :P

photo credits to Kuya Clyde 

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