Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Time Flies... and Stops

Time does mess up things.

It feels like time is rushing to end all the heavy workload but at the same time, it's still Tuesday.

Three more days of waiting. Three more days of Chemistry, Literature, English, Math and Filipino. Three more days of agony. Three more days. Just three more days and it's Christmas break. Just three more days and no more power naps in cafeteria tables during short breaks!

This is what happens when the season of long examinations call on to us.
Hey Pia! :)))

Thank God for the holidays! I can't wait to catch up on sleep and marathons of Once Upon A Time and How I Met Your Mother. (Yep. I am so last season.)


However, till then, I am forced to wake up and drag myself to cram every little piece of  information in my head. I've got less than 30 hours to let it all in. Wooh. 

At least Math has its fun side too. Will post more after that Chem Long Test. Wish me luck. This is where it all ends. =.=

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