Wednesday, January 22, 2014

sawi + happy vibes

Today went as usual as my daily routine goes. Thank God I woke up earlier than the alarm. Got the chance to have a real breakfast and spent a really good portion of my time in the hot shower on the second floor. (Yes, SECOND FLOOR. I still have to go downstairs for a bath since it seems our floor experiences a shortage on hot water supply every morning. Oh well. Sacrifice, it is!)

   Got into English class just as my professor also entered the room. You know what is really weird? I tend to be more sleepy in the daylight. Whoa. I AM NOT TURNING INTO A VAMPIRE. Yes, that I really know. Maybe it's because of the sweater-slash-cuddle-weather. My bed's hold on me is getting tighter the minute the sun shines into my corner. I HAVE TO FIX THIS BODY CLOCK! Noooo. I shouldn't give in to that urge to just sleep. Hey, girl! YOUR LIFE REVOLVES DURING THE DAY! 

    Okay. Back to the topic. My English prof returned our notecards and surprisingly, I got a C+. Yes, a C+ on the notes I made three weeks before submission. A C+ for my efforts of going to the library even on weekends and reading 10 books for those notes! Of course, I asked him about it and he said he'd check. Apparently, he graded the wrong paper which I submitted just for the sake of the advisory marks. Oh well. I'll check up on it again this Friday. You might think I am being paranoid but I just really need every good grade for this course. 

    On the bright side, my classes were only in the morning so I had time to drop by at the PSYSC Main Office! :) Oh, it's an organization that promotes the science clubbing movement in the Philippines! :) (Hit the link above to learn more. ;) ) I've been part of this org since I was in high school as a participant and the regional chairperson and I really planned on joining it by the time I enter college. Guess I needed to adjust to the new environment that's why I wasn't able to apply last semester. I had to apply this sem since our Kuya (our facilitator last camp) is already graduating and it would really be sad to miss him.
During the first immersion last Saturday at the UP! :) Oh, the things I had to go through for this org! This is only a small part of the big number of applicants this semester! :) Looking forward to being a NECAT! :)

   I had to tambay at the office as part of the application process. Thank God I had Rogie with me. (I can't find a picture of us sooo that means I still have to have one photo of us taken, too. :P ) He's a friend I knew from last year's camp and he's studying in the Ateneo, too! Because his siblings are active members of the organization, Rogie also knows a LOT so he's really, really a big help! :)

   This time, I had someone navigating the streets with me. Oh no, I won't even dare commuting alone. I would be like a small fish dropped into the ocean. Nope, I still haven't fully grasped city living. Don't worry. I'd get there in time. ;)

    The three jeepney rides to the office and getting lost in the process were worth it! Yes, we were lost for a while since Rogie made the wrong decision of crossing the overpass and thus, turning in the wrong direction. We found the place eventually and got the chance to help out in the certificate packing! :) Before, we were the only ones receiving these letters but there I was, behind the scenes, helping out pack and get those letters ready for shipping! :))))
     I met some of the NECATs, (This is what the members are called; also known as the National Executive Assistance Team) too and they were really awesome! Started ticking off some things off my sigsheet! (This one's like a huge and thick autograph or slumbook. I've got to fill it with information and signatures for this! :) ) I cannot wait for the day I'd be one proud NECAT, too. ;) Just hope I get the chance and time to be active in this organization I have always wanted to be part of. Fingers crossed!
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