Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ateneo or UP?

ACET results are finally out! :) There was heavy traffic along Katipunan Avenue yesterday.Seniors flooded the Blue Eagle Gym where the results are posted. Those hopefuls were not alone, though. Parents, siblings or anyone for that matter were there to witness that drama.

      Me? I was sleeping in that beautiful and dramatic Saturday morning. I was supposed to be part of that crowd but the attraction between my bed and I was far more greater than the need to get up. Oh well. Let me be. IT'S THE WEEKEND, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE! My slumber was ultimately disturbed by a phone call. Groggily. I picked it up. It was Rogie, a friend who was at the gym as of that moment. He called to say,


      The sleepy me was like, "Oh really? Great." BUT it suddenly dawned on me. MY BROTHER PASSED THE ACET! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

     Little bro got in BS Environmental Sciences with full scholarship plus dormitory allowance. Great deal, huh? :))) No more worries! Just allowance and he's good to go!


      He also got in University of the Philippines which is like every senior's dream come true. He got in the 4-year program in Geology. Still, not bad, right? 

       He's at the crossroads like I was before! There are some pros and cons in every choice. I was thinking about it and here are my reasons.

The ups....
  • I'm here, obviously. :))))) We get to be in the same community, too! :)
  • SCHOLARSHIP!!! No more worrying for tuition expenses. Just work hard and it will do! 
  • OrSem is the BEST! Enough said.
  • BS ES is such a good course, too! The home org's located in the Manila Observatory, I believe. Now, how cool is that? :)
  • You won't get lost around the campus. The size is really manageable. :)
  • Security's really strict. You can count it as a con, too. :)
  • It's a good thing being called an Atenean. There's a ring of prestige to it!
The downs...
  • The cost of living is high. Scholarship will take you there but gosh, you have to manage resources wisely. Food here does not come cheap. (My brother eats a lot sooooo you understand why this is very much included in the down side.)
  • Well, you have to dress up for class. One, there's the implementation of a dress code. Two, the campus is like a walking runway. 
I can;t think of more reasons. wooh so...

The ups...
  • IT's UP! You must be really proud to be an Iskolar ng Bayan! Tuition is subsidized that's why sending your child here isn't as hard on the wallet as it is to other universities.
  • You can live with just P100 a day. :) That's according to some of my friends and I doubt it would be untrue. There's a lot of stalls around the campus. :)
  • You get to experience 3-day weekends every week! Monday is an official part of your weekend unless you professors ask you to come for an exam or stuff like that.
  • The grounds are beautiful and refreshing! It's also fun to know about trivial stuff about the buildings. :)
  • You won't worry much on how you look because in UP, you can be anyone and wear anything you like. There's this liberal sense of understanding in the university so don't fret too much!
  • PSYSC! Enough said. 
The downs...
  • It takes a while not to get lost. There's a reason why there are jeepneys around the campus, right? 
  • Well, since my brother's not on a scholarship program, our parents still have to pay for that, too. Wonder which bracket he belongs to? 
  • It isn't easy looking for a dorm to stay in the campus. This is where all diskarte comes in handy.
  • Compared to AdMU, UP is an ocean of strangers. Size is proportional to population, I believe. Wooh. It would be fun and taxing at the same time to meet lots of new people. :)
I ran out of reasons already but that's a good thing, though. I have to come back to my stack of books. It's midterm season once again and gosh, I need to pull my grades up. Not saying they're really bad. I just want to make it to the list this semester so #push! Haha oh well. It's still his decision. Either way, I'm good with him studying here in Manila. Looking forward to June, then! Wooohoooo!
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