Friday, November 7, 2014

panic mode

"Umm Ella. Di ba sa ten pa ang pasok? Bakit ang busy at stressed mo na?"

Oh who wouldn't? I've got six more days to fulfill all my deliverables.


I can't believe I still had time to write this down but I have to let it out. Dear me. People might be wondering why I chose to stress myself over making quiz questions and looking for ways to keep the program running. Oh I could just say no. I could just stop and give up. 

But I couldn't.

I love the organization, the thrill it has every time our national events come close, the activity the planning brings, the fulfillment each time you see the participants smile and say, "Ate, thank you po! Nag-enjoy kami!" I love the people behind the fuss. I love what we stand for.

Six more days. Yes, I'm still panicking, freaking out even. Still, it's just another deadline I could beat. #YesToPositiveThinking

So here's to giving the kids the best camp they'll ever experience! 38 more work days and hello, Pampanga!

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