Sunday, October 5, 2014

catching up

What kept me on my toes during the last two weeks of academic struggle and emotional stress:

1) Shooting that Chem commercial

After making our own soaps in the laboratory, it was time to put those marketing skills to a test. Well, if we don't make it in Health Sci, guess we could all go to the world of advertising :P

behind the scenes :P

2) Reaching out

Being in Health Sci always opens new doors and makes me see the world in a different perspective. Unlike the usual teaching stuff sophomores do for NSTP, we do profiling hoping that with our findings we can help build a more sustainable and healthy community. Our block has been assigned to Malanday, Marikina and we've gathered substantial information that might just be a key to providing better allocations for the community. 

For the year, I've partnered with Trisha and we've both been assigned the family of Ate Che. It was from her we've learned much about the community. She willingly shared much information, not even withholding her own sentiments about their current situation.

The rain will always have an effect on her. Still, we know that she, along with her family, has a resilient heart. During our last visit, we brought them some goods that would help ease their situation. Strong rains have just passed and we knew that their area was flooded because of the heavy downpour. Her reaction was priceless. Thank-you would have been enough but she even went out of the way to share a Coke with us.  She was even more concerned on how I've been managing my allowance (as she knows I am a scholar). We politely refused knowing that she could still sell them to help their finances, She just brushed them off and said, "Yan na lang ang mabibigay ko ulit. Salamat talaga masyado at naalala niyo pa kami." With that, we said goodbye, knowing we'd see them again soon.

3) Blockmates

Nica is always the sweetest. Gave me this cupcake after seeing all the stress
acads has been giving me.

This semester would have been a lot better without Org Chem. I've shed my tears over that lousy subject and I would like to say that I'm still holding on. Thank you, XX, for cheering me on despite those grades going downhill. Two more weeks (and a 70% on the finals) and I;m done with Org Chem! #push

4) Of muscles, bones and internal organs--- dissecting frogs in Zoology

Lab > Lecture

Sir Joson [!!!!] would always be one of the best professors ever,

Been skinning frogs with this bunch! Seeing that we're almost an all-girls group, Sir has been amazed to know we've skinned all our frogs in such a short span of time. Thank God for this group. Memorizing all those bones and muscles didn't prove to be so hard. 

5) Doing things for the first time in a long while

Ang ganda ko pa rin pls :P
love you Tricia and your photos

Proud to say I had the bravery to sing in front of a (small) crowd with just 3 hours of prep time. If it only weren't for Tricia, I would have never done it. =)))) Yes to taking those risks all for the love of the block! 

(c) Triciaaaa
We've also managed to keep everyone entertained with our antics. Seeing that there was nothing else to do, we acted as if we're in a talk show, hence the photos. :P (More of them when Tricia finally releases them through the page!) 

6) Getting through Tap Dance!

All the (hasty) choreography and late-afternoon practices paid off! One more PE left! :) You can check out our dance in this link. 

PS. I still believed we deserved a better grade. Oh well.

7) 14A App Process

Because we're no longer the babies of the org! :) Yes to welcoming new faces and new talents to this big family! :))
Wasting film haha jk Internal Affairs Committee! :) 

Long-awaited catch up session with 13B. Nest time, buong batch na pls :P

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