Monday, November 3, 2014

being home after a year

I told myself I would be writing more over the break.

Who was I kidding?

Of course, I had decent internet too but who has time for the net when there is sleep? That was basically what I did most at home. When there weren't any plans of going somewhere or meeting the old friends, you'll find me underneath the sheets, desperately catching sleep I really missed over the stressful semester. Others would say I should have gone out more, seeing it has been a year since I've actually been home. Nope, all those sembreak plans didn't actually push through. (It didn't help most of my batchmates weren't back home *sigh) Moreover, the town was never the same after that horrible typhoon. It felt like exploring a new terrain. It was amazing, sad and exciting all at the same time.

Did I mention it was also the first time I traveled alone?(Yep but that is for another post. I believe it would be too much for you, Dear Reader, for me to condense everything in just one entry. Say, wouldn't it be too tedious and too boring to read?) The experience was amazing! (albeit its delays and minor mishaps. Oh yes, I'm talking about you, Cebu Pacific.) It just makes me look forward to seeing the world soon. (YES GOALS :P)

Being home ignited the memories of high school, with all the joys and the pain. Still, being back in the small town brought comfort to the soul. Despite everything, I miss waking up to the rooster's crow and the scent of Mom's cooking (along with her occasional nagging to hurry up if we don't want to be late for school.) I miss walking home at dusk when I am not able to catch the company bus making its rounds and I lack the patience to wait for another. I miss working on crafts. I miss seeing familiar faces albeit the yearly drama that always seems to involve me. I miss the province along with what it has to offer and what it cannot. No matter how much I deny it, I miss home.

There is so much to write! Honestly, I could have gone on and on typing about what happened during that hiatus from school but there is also so much to do. By leaving for the break, I actually put off doing my CORE work for CSIW, the science camp for kids we are currently organizing. It's only a month from now and I really have to clutch. I do not want to settle for less. The kids deserve only the best. :)

I'll finish this workload (I was supposed to do it a while ago but I got stuck in the manual registration for one class. Talk about hassle and stress. ) and write more soon! But for now, I have to do that CSIW dance. Huhu so much for abandoning my dance career in grade school. Still, G!
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