Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lost Stars

It's getting late, the world's falling into dreams
           Not I perhaps, my eyes still gleam
           For all that's lost and for what they're worth
           Simple tears or treasures in earth.

I do not know why but still I do
           I'll always find myself wishing for you
           The stars, they've aligned, but alas, not for me
           Not for you nor for us-- nothing of glee.

Oh, you seem so close, but still galaxies far away
          I never held your heart; you were never one to stay
          Your eyes look in mine but those glances were all it took
           For me to know I was not one for your books

I must, I know, let go but alas I could not
          You had me twisted in an unfathomable knot
           A girl can dream, yes but these dreams---
           They only last for so long, so it seems.

I can only wait, wish and hope once more
          That you'll come and knock on my door
          Asking for me to stay and I alone----
          What harm there is to dream and wish on stars
              that shine and have always shone?

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