Monday, October 6, 2014

I always told myself that it will not matter. I'll be fine seeing you walk into the room, holding someone else's hand. My heart will remain firm, drumming its steady beats in my chest. Then, I'll look at you and smile nonchalantly because I know deep inside that I have moved on just as you would have, too.

Then again, I was wrong.

I was foolish enough to believe that seeing you again will not trigger any memories from me. My heart broke. The smile faded. My calm demeanor slipped away as I saw you dancing with her, hand on the waist and eyes locked on her face.

Yet, you were happy. Shouldn't I be, too?

Oh yes, I will. I shall see happiness soon but now allow me to break. Give me time to heal. After all, it isn't easy seeing the person you once held dear in the arms of another.

But that's love. It might be painful but as long as you are happy, I shall find myself cheering for you.

It might not be now, but I tell you, soon I will be, too.
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