Sunday, December 22, 2013

Feeling Cold?


Yes to two weeks of stressing and de-stressing over school, holiday homework, unfinished (I haven't started even) papers and upcoming midterms and long tests! :) 

I thought I would be spending the holidays at the dorm with roomie Diana but Tita picked me up on such short notice. (Cram packing at its finest hahaha) I feel really bad ditching roomie, though. She'd be spending Christmas and New Year alone. :< I must find a way to get back to her somehow :))

The holidays are supposedly festive and fun but sometimes, this also becomes the time for people to meditate on how much they are feeling alone. (Hello, members of SMP, Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko. Note: this is what single people call themselves in PH.) To those guys and gals out there who feel left out, I tell you, you aren't alone. :)))

My block's fond of being sawi and hugot most of the times. In XX, we are known for connecting anything really to the perils of a broken heart. Honestly, I don't know when and how it started. It just sparked! The lines could be anything witty or cheesy. It depends on your own context, too. 

To all those people having a chilly time this holiday season, check this out. You might relate to some posts and tweets. If you couldn't, welll, hope it made that smile on your face came out somehow :))

(These tweets may or may not necessarily reflect the author's thoughts and opinions :P)

Yes, that is true :(

Even books teach us how life and love work.

This is how we relate to each other #BlockXXsawivibes haha

Would you still bet against time? :)
You see what I mean?

Conversations of this kind are usually exchanged in the block throughout the day.

"How come nature has feelings and you don't?!" #hugot

Remember, just because you feel alone doesn't mean you really are alone. Send us a tweet and we might just know what you exactly feel. :"> 

Christmas is in three days! Merry Christmas you guys. :) Till next post! :)

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