Sunday, December 15, 2013

Your ol' neighbor says "HELLOOOOOO" back to the blogging world :)

Miss me? :)

Things have been pretty tough around lately. I've been gone for what? 3 months? That's an awfully long time! Oh well, i'm back! IT FEELS GOOD TO BE WRITING AGAIIIIIIIIN! :D

Been pretty busy with the acads and all those freshie stuff. Papers and all. Finals for the first semester. Catching up with friends. :)))) I didn't even have the time to update my planner anymore. It seems that my leisure is spent more on sleeping. Guess college does that to people. It makes you want for sleep more and more.


Shall we have a flashback then? :) (Blogger's note: even if you said no, I'd be posting it anyway haha)


I feel like going back to my planner for reference but all I saw was random irrelevant doodles. Haha where did my October go?

See what I mean?

WELL, it was SEMBREAK for goodness' sake! :))) Finals gave me a migraine (that I remember!) It seemed that I studied for nothing. Weeks ahead stocking on formulae and stuff wasted. Is this what college really do to people? Someone couldn't learn unless s/he empties his/her cup, right? :))

Anyway, I had time to chill, too! My days were filled with movie marathons and random trips to the pool with high school friends. Going back home is indeed one of the best feelings there could ever be! This what homecoming felt like :)) Revisiting you alma mater gives you nostalgia. Teachers would be asking you how's the city like. Motherly as they are, you find out that they still check on you, even if it meant stalking your Facebook profiles. (Creepy at a different context. Yep, I know. Haha) In addition, you become an instant celebrity! Who would have known I'd now be considered a judge for a play, right? Random people would keep on complimenting on how I apparently lost weight (please oh please never let me gain them!) or how the city climate suited me (hello, fair complexion!)


I guess that turned out to be the highlight of October. Setting foot back home just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. Hey, you're back to your comfort zone! Hello, food hot and fresh from the pan. No fast food lifestyle for two straight weeks! You get the chance to eat veggies and fruits once more plus food is freeeeeee! #dormerproblems

Going back home means family time, too! <3 Oh how I missed Mom, Dad and brother dear. :)) I made it a point to stay at home too and not just go out with pals all the time. :)

Gala every day!

The break didn't make me forget about grades, though.

Movie marathons <3
Each day was a day closer to AISIS Release of Grades for the first semester. Each day, I was fervently praying I could reach our maintaining QPI (Quality Point Index as they call it in our university.) Who knew my cup of tea back in high school would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me here in college? =.=

But guess what?

I REACHED THAT 3.0 MARK! Boooyeaaaah!

:))))) I didn't make it to the dean's list though. Still lacked a point. But no worries, there are still 7 semesters to go! :)))))

Oh boo. Look at the time. I still want to write more but there's what you call priorities. We have that chemistry long test coming up this Wednesday and I still haven't flipped the pages. Oh my. Need to start cramming. I'll keep you posted though! :D

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