Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank God It's Wednesday!

Halfway through the last week of class for 2013!

Although the day didn't start off the way I planned it to be (I was hoping I could still review early before my first class, 8:30 Literature), it was a day worth the hassle and stress. :))

Because I crammed studying for that first Chemistry long test and hit the sack at around 2 am, my body clock cannot help but adjust to what my exhausted little shell demands. To no one's surprise, I went to class, rushing late. Well, at least I had time to grab some coffee.

The same routine went on, actually. Literature. Chemistry. Quiz unfinished. Ranting about the fact that I knew the answers but time suddenly went haywire and left me with some questions unanswered. Dance aerobics. Back to the dorm.

My bed is indeed a siren, luring me with her captivating lullaby. Indeed, one must congratulate me for standing up against her calls. :))) Instead of sleeping in, I had a date with my Chemistry notes (I'm tired of Chemistry too. =.= but allow me to digress please.) and I said goodbye to my life online for a while.

Studying drained me. Oh well, those 5 hours solving sample problems made a difference, anyway! :) Although I was still betting against time, I had fun answering the long problems! :D The multiple choice part was confusing though. Since when did multiple choice be as simple as the alphabet ? It's the same with life and all the crossroads it poses. You must always choose. At least in an examination, there's always a right option. That's not always true with life, though. One choice leads to another and you'll end up thinking, "What if I chose the other one?"

Now, where did that come from?!

Moving on, after a grueling match of wits, IT WAS TIME TO CELEBRATE! Who wouldn't rejoice over the fact that you survive a long test? I always do, by the way. :)))

UP was having its annual Lantern Parade and it would have been fun to go and witness the lights over the city skyline but then, the obedient little daughter inside me opted to let the chance go. It was a tough choice! :( I had to choose between this and my block Christmas party this Friday. I couldn't miss our block's first holiday get-together. It's a milestone I should be part of. That's why, sayonara, UP Lantern Parade. Maybe next time. :')

I would have called it a day but then, Claire, one of my groupmates for our Food Innovation Project, called to update me regarding our proposal. And.....

Ella: Hey there.
Claire: Girl, I HAVE NEWS!
Ella: Yep, ano latest chikka? (Yep, what's the latest gossip?)
Claire: *mumbles something*
Ella: What? Can you just send me a text message or anything? I'm still having dinner at KFC!

Let me just emphasize it again,


That research project slash paper slash proposal was no small feat. Our group was mainly composed of freshmen plus a mentor who is a senior from the same course. We spent nights cramming that paper! (Yep, I know. We are master crammers haha) We faced the crowd and defended those ideas. The risk paid off! :))))

I was too happy to function well upon hearing the news. Literally jumping from joy, I seemed not to have any other care in the world. Never mind the cars passing me by. I'm sure they were wondering who's that girl skipping each step. But i just had to. :))))))))))

We didn't get bragging rights as champs, though. Got second place because our project lacked something. Still, it is a huge deal! :))))) Only a few more revisions and we are good to go! Doc Wong also teaches Thesis for our course and you know what's another good thing to celebrate, he is considering exempting us for this class! :))))))

The day really turned out better than I have expected. :)))))) Now, exhaustion is overcoming me. I was able to survive straight 24 hours without napping though! Time to log out. Ciao~ :))
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