Monday, July 14, 2014

Too Soon

You heard it all too much before but I'm sorry I had to tell it again.

Yes, I was foolish to believe that if things are meant to be, then everything would fall into place irregardless of the time and space.

Life then threw back its logic at me. It replied with a resounding "No."

We met and yes, it was a time worth looking back into. However, it was also the moments where I had to search for my own. How then will I ever find the space to fit into your own puzzle when I was missing mine?

How could I have known that it was then the only time fitting for us to be? Did I know then that losing you was something I would regret later on?

I do not have the answers and perhaps I never will. Still, I imagine how different it would be if I could have met you during a different season in my life. Perhaps then, you would no longer be a chapter. Perhaps then, you could have been the book.

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