Thursday, July 3, 2014

the first taste of sophomore life

I am dying.

Only three weeks into the semester, the big pile of readings, research papers, lab reports and quizzes has kept me up all night. There is rarely a day without any homework. I swear my brain is going to crash some time soon. Sometimes, I find myself struggling to keep both eyes open in class especially when rain makes some random appearance amidst such humid weather. You see, 11 pm is still early for us. Working late and waking up early for class the next day seems to become a lifestyle for all of us.

So much has happened during the course I wasn't able to blog. (So much for the resolution of writing more this year. Damn. I really shouldn't have made any promises that might seem so hard to keep.) Anyway, in a nutshell, everything happened:

  • summer classes and the struggle to get those As (Yes, GC. Let me beeee. It's the one of the few things that keep me on track)
  • PMSA PlanSem in Antipolo waaaaay back in April-- I ended up not missing too much sleep as my body got used to all the sleepless nights in PSYSC :P
  • finally entering the world of legalities-- yay to the perks of voting and getting that driving license soon! (char. :P)
  • surprises big and small :) 
  • taking the big leap to apply and getting in the CSIW Core 2014! (more details on this soooooon. Hopefully. :') )
  • perming my ever-so-straight hair! :'">
  • not getting into most of classes because I was batch 2 and finally resorting to manual registration
  • travelling alone!
  • experiencing the hassle of manreg and getting stuck in Pol Sci, a class taken up in the third year, instead of Econ because no more slots left :(
  • stuck with 3-hour Saturday classes despite having NSTP on Wednesdays. Pol Sci, I still cry :'(
I guess this is it then. It is another year closer to the end of the chapter. No longer the little kids fresh from high school, professors aren't that lenient anymore. Bombarded with all the papers and upcoming exams, I feel like we've been in school longer than we really are. 

This semester, Youtube is my study buddy. No longer could I rely on my ears and eyes for complete understanding of concepts. I can only help myself knowing that I really couldn't learn much from class. Imagine having a professor who keeps talking about the Creator and how He has made all things wonderful. Imagine that same professor who skips a whole section of the book just because "I don't believe in such things." Really? I thought we were learning about animals here, not theology.

Don't get me wrong. I know that He is an infinite, ineffable presence (I learned that in Theo! yaaay!) and I get that we have to recognize that there is this Supreme Being who has created the world out of nothing. But then, does one really have to dismiss the facts of science just because one does "not believe" it can be true?

Oh well. I would never know the answers. I do hope the one reading this doesn't get me wrong. I just can't take it any longer. 



Dear heavens, help.

Fooling around during Theo. Ma'am + some of the class weren't there yet soo..
yeah, basically, you get what I mean :P

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