Thursday, July 17, 2014

clingy dinners and deep conversations

Classes have been suspended for two days and good heavens, all I ever done were my pre- and post-lab reports for Org Chem. I told myself I'd be using the time to prepare for that long test (which was later moved to Monday-- well I don't know if that is either a good or bad thing) but then I ended up sleeping most of the day. 

Oh well. What's new?

I've been eating out most of the time with Chelsea and Pia, blockmates who are (un)luckily dormers like me! Basically, we get the same problems i.e "Where do I eat next?"

Just a while ago, while walking back to the dorm and ranting on how sawi we could ever get, the conversation started to take on its serious side. Pia started talking about how difficult and complicated love could ever get. I don't know how we got there but basically, she said (non-verbatim):

Anak (NOTE: she calls Chelsea this! :P) , being in a relationship can be such a mess. Ending it can be more complicated than it seems. First, once you hurt a girl, it is more difficult to regain her trust than earning it. It would take a long time to heal the wounds. Others would ask, "Why are you hurting? It has been a while right?" Yes, it could be a while since then but don't expect someone who get her heart broken to piece it all back together just right then and there. You can't speed up the process. Still, others would ask, "Why are you the one hurting? Aren't you the one who ended it?" Yes, I might be the one who cut the connection but was it always my decision? No, there were things that attributed to the falling apart. Believe me, the feelings were still there but those weren't good enough. Sometimes, you have to go for the more painful option. Sometimes, it's the only way you can ever grow.

Now, you see why my block is always so sawi?

Front row from the left (char): That's Chelsea, Trisha, Pia and I! :)
Next one (just those smiling hihihi) : Tricia and Alreen :)

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