Thursday, April 10, 2014

post-CAMP reverie


That's CAMP speak for "Hello!" It has been a while since I last attended NYSTESC. Back when I was also a camper, I've used (or more likely, abused) the CAMP Lexicon greeting fellow science clubbers in various terms such as "Salutey! and "Privyet!" I never thought I would be the one holding that number, leading a flock of curious and enthusiastic kids on their 5-day journey with PSYSC. 

The experience is surreal. Where do I begin? I never realized I would be accepted into the staff list, knowing that we were new members in the organization (13B represent!). We were fresh meat. I, for one, was only holding on to the knowledge I gathered through my high school experience. What do we know about managing 40 kids for almost 6 days? How do we even keep them company? Would they even like me? 

Such thoughts were with me but still, I held on to my desire to become part of this year's Legendary Camp. I held on to my faith that I would have my own set of kids, make memories with them along the way and touch lives. That courage to sign up was the first step. There was no other way but up. 

The road was tough. Who said being a facilitator was as easy as signing up and being accepted? Saying yes to the challenge required commitment and time. It demanded attention. From daily trips to UP for practices and meetings and late-night musings for that 10-minute faci presentation to hot afternoons spent scurrying for that detailed dress code, PSYSC won me over. My 3-week summer break was all for this organization and I have yet to regret making that decision.

Let this post stand as my thank-you to all the people who made this first time faci experience possible.

To the NEC, thank you for entrusting this responsibility to us, 13B. Thank you for believing in our capabilities and for giving us the opportunity to serve the youth. I know it was a tough decision to make but thank you taking the risk. :) 

To the CAMP Core, wooooh! Without you and your undying efforts, this camp would never be possible. :) 1600 participants? Bring it on! You guys made #CAMPCEBU a tough one to beat ;)

Fellow Gesters, we made it! Thank you for being clingy, fun and sabaw all in the same time. :') What stress? What sleep? :) Thank you for making it the workload light despite the harsh reality. To the older ECATs (hiii Kuya D, Kuya Dar, Kuya Rovir, Kuya Jake, Ate Des, Kuya Kim), thank you for being patient with us first timers. It is through your guidance and super jam-packed knowledge we were able to fit in the roles of a full-time faci :)) 

Batch 13! What more can I say? :) SO MUCH LOVE :3 *insert hearts here haha*
Silly as can be :)
And of course, to my subcamp 11. thank you so much for being the best! We might not be the best but I assure you, you are the best in my eyes. To my first batch of kids,  I give you all my love :)) Most of you guys are first time campers so I guess I'll see you next summer! I do hope I was able to make a mark in your life as a camper. I might not be the best faci in town but I do hope you saw my efforts to make this CAMP the best one yet for you, kids. :) Magpakabibo pa rin! Push yourselves to your limits! Keep the fire burning! 

I don't want to end this post yet =(  Be ready for the post-CAMP feels trip :))) These are some things the org has made me experience this summer. ;)

1) Climbing the steep slopes in HPMR, loading and unloading supplies to and from the makeshift staff room. Define. ;)

2) Facing agitated teachers at the Sec Area and keeping your cool. Wooh this is grace under pressure. 

3) Add making at least 800 activity IDs for the participants. Kamusta naman ang mga sugat sa kamay? ;)
Not quite the photo I was looking for but same thought goes! :P
4) Waking up even at 3 am just to catch that 5-minute bath time allotted just for you ;)

5) Surviving and working through 2 hours of sleep (and sometimes, even less) all for your kids! :))

6) Being the rant absorber for your kids especially when it comes to mealtimes. Huhuhu sorry kids but I hope food from Day 3 made up for the lousy, bland ones from the days before :)

7) Eating at the most random times of the day. Food fills in the gaps for sleep. :P

8) Learning to be nocturnal for once. Evals, please :P

9) Going with the flow! If this is what makes the kids smile, then so be it. ;)

Stuck with this guy for 48 minutes. Huhu CAMP Fair pls

Gesters for a week! :) Our outfits say them all ;)

10) Being a superwoman for 5 whole days! 40 kids to facilitate through lectures, challenging workshops and that nerve-wrecking field trip? Bring it on!

11) Occupying almost half of the plane. Yep, they have to wait until we boarded. It would be such a loss without us :P
Not everyone yet :)
12) Sleeping in any way possible. Bahala na kung saan abutin ng antok, basta nakatulog. Yun na yun! :)
Kahit ano na lang :P

13) Keeping a smile on your face despite the stress and the sleeplessness. All for the kids :)))

I have too much feels for this event but those would only make this post so tedious to read and follow. :) Guess this is one CAMP to cherish after all :))))
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