Thursday, April 24, 2014

deputy stuff

Okay. A lot of stuff happened since summer sem started. There's 

  • the first three days of Psych 101 and Fil 14. Thank God for good profs! Lots of requirements but quite understandable. We only have 5 weeks to tackle stuff that was supposed to be for a 5-month semester. Yep. I can handle this. ;) (good vibes, now would be a good time to reappear)
  • Commuting alone at 7 pm already! That's a feat! :) Pagbigyan please. :3
  • the Holy Week hiatus which I spent with my Tita's family :) FREE FOOD! HELLO, SLEEP! :D 
Ate Duties! :) This little one is just growing up too fast!
  • then school again..
Now, let me fill you in with what I'm actually working on (aside from the class requirements, that is.). Well, I'm supposed to be working on my other blog (this is actually a project for Filipino, hence, the language. :) ) but naah. I just have to share this one. :))

  They say college is never complete without an organization. I guess that's true. How then will you meet and widen your social circle without an avenue where you belong? How will you improve yourself in aspects other than your academics? 

  I belong to four organizations, four avenues where I think and chose to be part of. If you have been reading my blogs lately, you know how immersed I am with PSYSC and its culture. This time, I decided to take the next step for my other organization, PMSA! :)

   PMSA (that's short for Pre-Medical Society of the Ateneo) is the one of the two organizations I signed up  in during last year's RecWeek. Nope. Don't go asking about the other one. Just no. As you see, the other two orgs under my belt are the ones where I am an automatic member (being a dormer, there's ARSA then being a Health Sci major, there's HSS).

   I came back from #CAMPCEBU (Yes! Hello, civilization! Hello, Internet!) and naturally, one of the first few things I dealt with after enlisting is checking my Facebook account. Now, there was something interesting in my notifications. Yes, I digress but allow me. :) Wildom, my foster brother for ARSA, is one off the committee heads for PMSA so he has the obligations to tag other PMSA members in that certain announcement. It was a call for deputies.

  Well, I wanted to but I had my hesitations. One, there's Health Sci and I'm in my second year (Yay! NO LONGER THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN!) and they say sophomore year is always the hardest. Two, I have PSYSC. Three, I don't think I'm good enough (Insecurities, yes. :( ). Four, THE DEADLINE'S AT 11:59 PM ON APRIL 12 AND IT'S JUST TWO DAYS AWAY. (You know me. I tend to overthink stuff.)

   It took me quite a long time to decide. About two hours, I think. So there you go. I crammed the application and submitted it right on my schedule. :) Waited for the announcements and got accepted for the interview. :)))

   I didn't think the interview was something to be really scared of. Well, it did make me nervous knowing that the whole EB was there to listen to me ramble my answers but I think it went well. On the other hand, they also learned about my crush in that organization (Don't judge but hey, I have a lot of crushes! And no, I am not the only one like that! :) ).

  Fast forward then.

But I guess fate is playing tricks on me. Well, it is no surprise he got in but stilllllll, that meant I'd be sitting in meeting with him, discussing org stuff with him, seeing him! I thought he was already part of my childhood! He did improve aesthetically speaking, no doubt, but no, his charm won't work. Nu-uh.

Even if I know why his nickname is like that.

Even if there's the occasional "Hi!" or "What's up?"

Even if it seemed that our eyes met for a while during that first meeting.

Even if there's the possibility of working with him for a whole year.

Oh no. Won't you please stay in the past?

It doesn't help that the EB and my blockmates know about this. Super honest ko kasi talaga. Hay nako please. 

Oh well. I say hello to such a busy sophomore year then! :)

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