Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Off to Another Chapter!

It seems that someone pressed the fast-forward button. Summer seems to be going pretty fast. I didn't even realize that May will already start this week. I didn't even feel the pressure of my classes (yet). In fact, I look forward to going to class even if it means waking up at 6 and leaving the comfort of my bed in UD. Yep! We moved already! But more on that later. This post is about something else. :)

  Remember this Sunday? I slept at around 5 am already just to finish the blog for Filipino. It was our first project and was due midnight that same day. I had plans and I didn't want to cram passing one of the few requirements for the course. (Hey, it accounts for 20% of our grade. Might as well give it my best shot.) Plus, it was moving day. You get the picture.

  Surviving on barely 4 hours of sleep, I was rushing since I thought I'd be missing the University Graduation! Well, I didn't know what time it was supposed to start that's why I assumed it would be in the morning. (Hello, Andre! Your texts put me in this critical situation. Whyyyy haha ) Apparently, the ceremonies were still in the afternoon. The good thing about that, I no longer need to worry about rushing and I got to move in in our new room. Still, sleep. :< But oh well. :)

  UP will always be one of my biggest what-ifs. You might ask why I was even there. You see, a lot of my orgmates are graduating and since PSYSC and its members have always been special to me, I wanted to be there to witness another milestone in their lives. I know it wasn't something expected from us but somehow, it was something that I just didn't want to miss. After all, they were not just orgmates. They are mentors who taught us what it is in the organization and what it takes to serve the Filipino youth. They are friends who turn the worst situations into things we can look back and laugh about. I might have known some for just a short while. Still, I look up to them for their undying service to the organization, the academe, and in some ways though distant it may seem, the country. *wink wink*

Okay. Too wordy, don't you think? :) Here are some photos taken that day:

*wink wink* #ootd HAHAHA
#ootd part 2 :P
Jasmin and Pia-sheee! :))) Congrats, Kuya Bart! (didn't see him though :<) 
Ate Mariel's true love= food. HAHAHA jk love you ate! :)
Forever going to be four. :P

The sunflowers were just amazing :) We had photo ops here too! Waiting for Ate Mariel's photos hihihi :)

So there goes the sunflowers.

Kuya Raf's finally graduating! :) He is the closest guy I could have for a Kuya. I knew him since NLTS 2012 and he is perhaps the most clingy faci I ever had! Without those clingy vibes I doubt we'd still be this close. :) I'd surely miss having him around. No more teasing about how torpe and sawi he could get. Please. He's the perfect epitome of a hopeless romantic. You'd believe me once you know his story. :P I'm really happy I chose to apply for PSYSC this school year. At least we got to work together as NECATs even for a short while. >:)

Good luck on the world beyond! And get that courage already while you're still here! *wink wink*
Kuya Jazer! :) I'd always remember you as the kindest soul during my final interview hihi. =)) I wouldn't forget the words you said. "You are a NECAT but remember you are a student first. That's why you have your fellow NECATs, your CORE team, your NEC to back you up. You are never alone. :)"

Ate Ste! Amaziiiiing! MBB FTW! :) Sec FTW! :)))

Met Kuya Jake + Kuya D at KFC :))) 
Just when I thought I was going back to the dorm. :) Didn't regret staying behind and spending time with Ate Mariel + Kuya Carlo who was proudly wearing his sablay while walking along Katipunan! :P Thank you for that dinner + dessert! :)) I had fun talking about the most random stuff from French movies to film stereotypes and even the future of the organization. *wink wink* Looking forward to watching those films >:)
"There is always a kid inside him." (Urbiztondo, 2014)
Sumablay na rin sila! :) 35 NECATs are recent graduates! :))) So proud. :))) Didn't see them all though. 
:( I wonder what the org would be like without them.  Still, I have my hopes. We'd miss them but they have another road to travel, another chapter to write, another facet to discover. Good luck, Ates and Kuyas! Head on life, full speed ahead. :)

Till next year! (Hello, Ate Mariel, Kuya Mel, etc etc etc) I guess I'd be there every graduation then. :P

PS. Waiting for Ate Mariel's shots. :P That, I think, is worth the next post. :)))
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