Friday, February 14, 2014

how the day of hearts turned out :)

There isn't much to tell. :)

   It was a regular Friday for me. No special someone obligated to deliver flowers or chocolates. no secret admirer to send mysterious love notes to be fussed about. Not that I am complaining. I guess I've figured that Valentines is not just a day for celebrating romance but friendship as well. :) Just to get into the season, I've sent my own "love notes" too. They weren't much but my deepest thoughts were drawn into each of them. 

Enzo just couldn't let this go without being documented. :P
It just makes me happy seeing my friends smile upon seeing the simple surprise. 

   We never expected anything more. The day went on as usual, with us going in Chem Lab for another 4-hour experiment. At first, we haven't noticed anything strange. They were only girls in the classroom which was unusual since most of the boys from our block get in class way earlier than I do.  Everything went as usual. Having impromptu photo booth sessions was part of the block's tradition so we might as well have one during the most anticipated day of the month.

This is what happens when you have your phone or tablet with you in class.
    We were all just kidding around, not even hearing the second bell ring. It was not until our professor asked that we paid attention to what were missing. The boys weren't around, even Edric, our block representative, who reacts frantically upon hearing the school bell. Well, we knew something was amiss. Sir Kurt even had his phone out, seemingly ready to capture the next few moments.

     Apparently, the boys from our block had another gimmick up their sleeves. Seeing that almost all of us weren't in a relationship and thus, having no one to do sweet nothings for us, they decided to play the role of being our Valentines. 
Nope. Never exchanging anyone of those.
      Aren't they the sweetest? :)) They gave each of us a rose after presenting a supposedly sultry (?) number. Even Raffy and Earl, the shy ones, were game for the challenge. All because they wanted to "brighten (your) day." (These were exactly Gio's words.)

    Well, it took some time off our lab but Valentines just didn't end there. Sir Kurt just kept on relating everything to love! Jotted few of his witty retorts and listed them here:
"I know today's Valentines and you're supposed to go on dates. If you aren't, well, take the chance to go on dates! Trust me. Now's the right time. You won't be able to do that later on. It's difficult making time for love especially when you know there's work."
"Science is obsessed with quantifying everything even if it not meant to be. You see, we are like science. We are obsessed with quantifying love even if it is never meant to measured and scaled."
"Sometimes, the reactions cannot happen because the reaction constant is so small and it is impossible to force something to push through. It's the same with love. In dating, if you know the attraction is little, you can't just go on and be a couple. You'll end up being disappointed because you expect so much knowing it isn't meant to work out." 
It's funny because every time he makes these little analogies, everyone snaps out of their snoozefest. :P Well, that is one effective strategy, Sir! :P
"You don't always see it but love and science are alike in many ways." :)

   Lab ended really later than it usually does. It did take a toll on me that's why I ended up sleeping at such a wrong time. :) Anyway, I've spent a date with roommate Tricia as we had dinner in this restaurant-slash-tea shop called Eat along Katipunan plus I had Starr's Milkshake, too! Indeed, love can be found in the solace of food. :) <3 p="">
   See? Who ever needs romance when you've got friends who'll treat you more than special on this day of hearts? :)

Happy Hearts' Day everyone! :*
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